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Jared Naimark

Jared joined Earthworks in 2022. He works to support frontline communities at risk from existing and proposed mining throughout California. Before joining Earthworks, Jared worked for two years as a program associate at the 11th Hour Project, where he helped develop new grantmaking initiatives to support Indigenous self-determination, protect the right to protest, and address the impacts of mining in the context of the renewable energy transition.

Jared has a background in political ecology and is passionate about movements for environmental and social justice. He previously worked in solidarity with the Karen Indigenous rights movement in Myanmar, conducting research and advocacy for campaigns to defend territory from mining, mega-dams, oil palm, and other extractive projects.

He holds a BS in Earth Systems from Stanford University, and a Master of Environmental Science from the Yale School of the Environment. Outside of work, Jared loves to hike, bike, and listen to old jazz records.

Contact Jared (he/him)

Email: jnaimark [at] earthworks [dot] org
Phone: 202-887-1872 X 156
Twitter: @JaredNaimark
Location: Palo Alto, California on unceded Ohlone lands

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