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Oil and gas production is the largest industrial polluter of methane, a greenhouse gas 86x worse for climate than carbon dioxide. Methane is polluted at every stage of oil and gas production, and this pollution is accelerating the rate of climate change. The good news is if methane emissions are controlled in this decade, we can slow the pace of climate change and buy more time to prevent climate catastrophe.

Earthworks uses optical gas imaging technology to make invisible gas emissions visible in order to hold oil and gas companies accountable for their pollution. We strengthen state and federal safeguards that reduce the methane emissions accelerating climate change while protecting community rights and public health. 

Documenting Oil and Gas Pollution

Earthworks’ Field Investigations Team helps communities from the harms of oil and gas air pollution. We investigate oil and gas facilities using optical gas imaging cameras and support residents’ pressure on regulators and companies to reduce pollution and protect public health.

Holding Corporations Accountable

Oil and gas companies continue to mislead the public about the severity of their climate and methane pollution through highly coordinated and well-funded public communication campaigns. Industry no longer denies climate change or methane’s contribution to it.  Instead they falsely portray themselves as the trusted partners, committed to solve the climate crisis. Their actions do not match this rhetoric. We hold oil and gas companies accountable by comparing what they say with what they do, and by taking them to court when they lie.

Strengthening methane rules

Earthworks co-leads a national campaign to enact strong federal rules to cut methane emissions from oil and gas production. We advocate for the oil and gas producing states of Colorado, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and Texas to enact strong state regulations and improve enforcement. We also advocate for strong national methane rules that will result in public health benefits by mapping all oil and gas production in the country, and those living close to it

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Watch our award-winning short film, Uncovering the Permian Climate Bomb, about a 22-year-old activist coming face to face with what is now the world’s largest source of climate pollution: the Texas Permian Basin.