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Conflict Minerals

Conflict minerals are resources that are mined and used to influence and finance armed conflict, human rights abuses, and violence.  …

1872 Mining Law – Reform Requirements

Principles of legitimate 1872 Mining Law reform should include meaningful Tribal consultation and Indigenous resource protections, protection of special places, stronger environmental standards, and fiscal reforms.

Empty Pit Soil Discoloration in West Virginia

Contaminated Pathways

Oil and gas chemicals enter the environment via several pathways: Drilling, Hydraulic Fracturing, Waste Pits, Spills, Releases to Air.

Bingham Canyon mine in Utah

1872 Mining Law – The Need for Reform

Modern mines are enormous operations that leave behind scarred landscapes, polluted water and damaged communities. Hardrock mining, the extraction of metals such as gold, silver and copper, can cause significant impacts on the environment, potentially affecting ground and surface waters, aquatic life, vegetation, soils, air, wildlife, and human health.

Montana acid mine drainage

1872 Mining Law

The 1872 Mining Law, which governs hardrock mining on 350 million acres of federal public lands, is out of touch and out of scale with modern industrial mining, and desperately needs to be updated.

Interior view of the Gold King Mine

Abandoned Mines

Abandoned and inactive mines are one of the main contributors to mining pollution in the western United States.