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Acid Mine Drainage from Mike Horse Mine

Acid Mine Drainage

Acid mine drainage is one of mining’s most serious threats to water. A mine draining acid can devastate rivers, streams, and aquatic life for hundreds, and under the “right” conditions, thousands of years.

Kern River Oilfield in California


Acidizing is used in aging wells that are in the final stages of production. It primarily uses hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids, which companies have been increasingly using higher concentrations of, putting communities at risk.

Air Pollutants

Both oil and gas well sites and processing and transmission infrastructure emit pollutants into the atmosphere from different equipment and …

Alternatives to Pipelines

Since pipeline development has lagged behind the shale and tar sands oil production booms, industry has increasingly turned to trains, trucks and barges to transport oil to refineries and markets.

Aboveground tank in San Juan County, NM

Alternatives to Pits

More environmentally friendly alternatives to using pits include closed containment systems (tanks) and closed-loop drilling systems.