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THE FLIR (Forward Looking InfraRed) GF320 Camera uses state-of-the-art, independently verified technology capable of detecting volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including known carcinogens, and greenhouse gases. The FLIR GF320 is the industry standard in identifying emissions, leaks, and events that occur during routine oil and gas operations, or because of faulty equipment, accidents, and intentional releases by operators.

The GF320 is marketed as a tool for oil and gas operators and government regulators to maintain equipment and observe emissions. Its steep price tag and technical requirements would ordinarily prevent communities living with oil and gas development from benefitting from this technology.

Earthworks has invested over $100,000 in a FLIR GF320 with a telephoto lens in order to document the pollution that may be linked to health and environmental impacts reported by communities, and to ensure that officials and regulators know when oil and gas facilities cause pollution. FLIR video makes visible air quality problems that warrant air monitoring, operational changes, new emission control technologies, and regulatory action.

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