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Fossil fuel companies are under public pressure to address the climate crisis and reduce pollution. In response, almost 40% of US gas is now “certified” by third-party companies, allowing fossil fuel producers to claim reduced methane emissions from their operations. The problem? The claims are false. Gas certification threatens climate goals by promoting false data and enabling gas companies to expand operations under the guise of reduced emissions.

New research from Earthworks and Oil Change International compares first-hand field evidence to operators’ emissions monitoring data and finds: 

  • Industry-operated continuous emissions monitors (CEMs) at well sites regularly miss pollution events.
  • “Continuous” monitors belonging to Project Canary – a certifying company – are inexplicably offline over 25% of the time.
  • Fossil fuel companies rarely take action to address pollution when it is detected. 
  • Industry and regulators see opportunity for profit in certification schemes.