Alaska Mining Spills

April 6, 2022

Dumping by the Numbers

March 29, 2022 • Ellen Moore

Mine proposals that include submarine tailings disposal

March 29, 2022

A Sea of Trouble: Seabed Mining and International Arbitration in Mexico

March 10, 2022 • EARTHWORKS
Versión en español disponible a continuación In the Gulf of Ulloa, a U.S. treasure-hunting company turned seabed mining outfit poses a dire risk to the environment.   by Jen Moore and Ellen Moore The Gulf of Ulloa off the coast of… More »

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Petrochem Toxics in the Ohio River Basin

December 21, 2021 • Anaïs Peterson
On the banks of the Ohio River in southwestern Pennsylvania, one of the world’s largest fossil fuel companies, Royal Dutch Shell, is building a petrochemical complex that, if it becomes operational, will flood the world with 1.6 million tons of… More »

Papua New Guinea Communities Say it’s Time to Ditch Ocean Dumping

October 21, 2021 • Ellen Moore
Last October, Indigenous representatives from coastal communities along the Huon Gulf in Papua New Guinea held a three-day forum to reject proposed deep-sea tailings placement (DSTP) plans at the Wafi-Golpu mine. In response, the national government agreed to put the… More »

Indonesians Demand Government Match Words with Action and Ditch Ocean Dumping

June 7, 2021 • Ellen Moore
Less than a year ago, two major nickel EV battery chemical processing plants planned to dump 31 million tonnes of toxic mine waste into the Coral Triangle, threatening fragile and endangered coral reefs and subsistence fishing communities. Today, both projects… More »

New Analysis Finds Oil And Gas Liquid Waste Continues to be used on Roads Despite Close of Hazardous Waste Loophole 

December 21, 2020
Contact: Liz Moran (518) 610-1828,; Melissa Troutman (724) 388-0464,; Eric Weltman (617) 304-5330, NEW ANALYSIS FINDS OIL AND GAS LIQUID WASTE CONTINUES TO BE USED  ON ROADS DESPITE CLOSURE OF HAZARDOUS WASTE LOOPHOLE  On first day of… More »