Texas flaring: a response to the Railroad Commission

August 23, 2021 • Jack McDonald
Texas Flaring: a comprehensive government failure; what the Railroad Commission fails to track, it can’t govern has forced a reaction from regulators and industry by finding that 69-84% of Texas methane flares are unpermitted. That reaction: the unpermitted flares our… More »

Report: 69-84% of Texas methane flares are unpermitted

August 19, 2021
Released today by the environmental watchdog Earthworks and endorsed by Environment Texas and the Sierra Club Lone Star Chapter, Flaring in Texas: a comprehensive government failure — What the Railroad Commission doesn’t track, it can’t govern, compares directly observed flares from… More »
Flaring in Texas cover

Flaring in Texas: a comprehensive government failure

August 19, 2021 • Jack McDonald, Sharon Wilson

Fuzzy Math: Why Pennsylvania’s Oil and Gas Pollution Numbers Don’t Add Up

August 5, 2021 • EARTHWORKS
Authors: Nadia Steinzor & Raphael Breit As discussed in a previous blog post, in 2019, Pennsylvania adopted emission reduction goals as part of its Climate Action Plan, committing the state to greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goals of 26% by 2025,… More »

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Pennsylvania’s climate contradiction

August 5, 2021 • EARTHWORKS
Authors: Nadia Steinzor & Raphael Breit What do climate change goals and New Year’s resolutions have in common? The fact that it’s easy to make commitments–while fulfilling them requires planning, an assessment of what’s working and isn’t, and a willingness… More »

Field Notes: What we know — pollution from marginal and inactive wells

August 4, 2021 • Andrew Klooster
Colorado has a problem with pollution from oil and gas wells–including neglected and poorly maintained ones that produce very little or fluctuate between producing and sitting inactive for months on end.  Another problem is that nobody can say just how… More »

Statement on Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

July 29, 2021
Background: Yesterday, the Senate voted to begin debate on a bipartisan infrastructure bill. The bill, the result of negotiations between a bipartisan group of Senators and the White House, falls well short in funding the essential infrastructure necessary to confront… More »

Earthworks Statement on GAO Mining Stakeholder Report

July 26, 2021
Background: Today the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report surveying stakeholders affected by federal public lands mining policy.  At the highest level, GAO found that industry wants certainty; public interest and tribal groups want to see mining equitably balanced with other… More »