Alaska Metal Mines

March 10, 2020

Exxon’s Methane Announcement is Too Little, Too Late in the Midst of the Climate Crisis it Helped Create

March 4, 2020
“The time to celebrate a vague announcement like Exxon’s — calling on nonspecific government actors to reduce oil and gas methane pollution with weak policies — was 30 years ago. Unfortunately, at that point, Exxon was fully invested in successfully… More »

Earthworks Comments on the New Mexico Methane Advisory Panel draft technical report

February 20, 2020

Why We’re Challenging Formosa Plastics’ Massive Proposed Petrochemical Plants in Court

February 14, 2020 • Ethan Buckner
Formosa’s proposal is a textbook example of environmental racism and poses grave dangers to waterways, public health, and climate. Today, Earthworks joined Louisiana-based and national organizations to appeal the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality’s (LDEQ) decision to grant the Taiwanese… More »

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New BP climate pledge: now we need to see action

February 12, 2020
Statement of Earthworks’ Energy Program Director Bruce Baizel on BP’s burden of proof given the industry’s history of greenwashing: “Taken at face value, BP’s promise to reach net zero climate pollution by 2050 is very welcome. “But as the 10… More »

Earthworks applauds Gov. Wolf promise to veto reckless tax giveaway to expand oil, gas, and plastic industry

February 6, 2020
Statement of Earthworks’ Pennsylvania and Ohio Field Advocate Leann Leiter on the passage of HB1100 and Wolf’s promise to veto: “The Pennsylvania General Assembly showed shortsightedness and a lack of political courage by voting to give away hundreds of millions… More »

Community leaders across New Mexico Applaud The Oil Conservation Commission For adopting oil and gas enforcement rules

January 16, 2020
Santa Fe, NM – Community leaders across New Mexico applauded the Oil Conservation Commission today for acting to protect the state’s air and water resources from oil and gas pollution by adopting new enforcement rules under legislation adopted in the… More »

NMED signals reprioritization of oil & gas enforcement, recognition of community advocates as enforcement allies.

January 15, 2020
“The NMED enforcement letters shift the burden of proof from the public to operators who must now demonstrate their named operations are not illegally polluting or else face direct civil enforcement action. The notices suggest that New Mexico is putting the… More »