Bodies are on the line to protect a Norwegian Salmon Fjord

May 23, 2022 • Ellen Moore
In early May, Nordic Mining began to demolish buildings on the shores of the Førdefjord to make way for the Engebø mine, an open-pit mine that will pollute the fjord with 250 million tonnes of mine waste. The fjord Nordic… More »

Wrong, wrong, wrong on climate

May 20, 2022
Background: On Monday, May 16th, Governor Tom Wolf announced an effort to seek taxpayer dollars to expand fossil fuel infrastructure in Pennsylvania with a hydrogen hub and carbon capture, utilization and sequestration technologies. The potential funding comes as a result… More »

Federal Regulators Put Proposed Offshore Oil Export Terminal in “Time Out”

May 9, 2022
Corpus Christi, Texas – The U.S. Maritime Administration (MARAD) and U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) have put the proposed Corpus-area Bluewater Texas offshore crude oil export terminal in “time out.” With regulatory authority over offshore terminals in the Gulf of Mexico,… More »

A Truly Clean, Just, and Equitable Energy Future is Attainable

April 29, 2022 • Lauren Pagel
When President Biden announced his plan to use the Defense Production Act to protect consumers from “Putin’s Price Hike,” the subtext was clear: securing energy independence and the transition from fossil fuels to cleaner alternatives go hand in hand. In… More »

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Another chronic polluter in Colorado, another inadequate state response

April 14, 2022 • Andrew Klooster
Unanswered Questions The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) recently released a report outlining the outcome of an investigation into elevated benzene levels detected by an air quality monitor deployed near the Cub Creek Knight pad outside of… More »

Tricks of the Trade – 2022: Deceptive Practices, Climate Delay and Greenwashing in the Oil and Gas Industry

April 12, 2022 • Josh Eisenfeld, Raquel Dominguez, Raphael Breit

Residential Drilling Will Never Be Safe

April 11, 2022 • Andrew Klooster
On March 10th, 2022 the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) denied an application for a proposed fracking development by Kerr McGee that would have featured 33 new oil and gas wells between two separate pads in a residential… More »

Lack of Political Action, heading in the wrong direction

April 4, 2022
Background: Today the IPCC is delayed in releasing its Working Group 3 report updating mitigation pathways for reducing greenhouse gas emission. The report is set to focus on mitigating the climate crisis and likely will point out that we are heading quickly towards a… More »