Re: Proposed revisions to Regulation No. 6, Pt. A., Standards of Performance for New Stationary Sources

October 3, 2012 • EARTHWORKS

Independent test results show fracking flowback emissions are dangerous toxics, not *steam*

April 24, 2012 • Earthworks

Texas town ignores own test results to allow fracking to continue in violation of city ordinances, endangering local residents

Colleyville, TX, April 24 -- Today Colleyville and Southlake residents, and Earthworks’ Oil & Gas Accountability Project released results from local residents’ privately-funded air testing of Titan Operations’ “mini-frack” on the border of both communities. The tests, performed by GD Air Testing Inc. of Richardson, TX, prove emissions released during fracking and flowback contain dangerous levels of toxic chemicals.

“We paid for tests because we can’t depend on the city or the fracking industry,” said Colleyville resident [NAME REMOVED FOR FEAR OF RETALIATION].  She continued, “The tests confirmed our worst fears, while Colleyville ignored their own tests to let fracking continue. Apparently the city represents Titan and the gas industry instead of local residents.”

Titan List of Compounds

April 23, 2012

List of compounds found during air testing in Titan, TX.

Titan Energy Mini Frack in Colleyville/Southlake, Texas

April 23, 2012 • Wilma Subra

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Titan Air Samples Map

April 23, 2012

Map showing where air samples were taken from for Titan air testing.

Titan Air Testing Data 3

April 23, 2012

Titan Air Testing Data 2

April 23, 2012

Titan Air Testing Data 1

April 23, 2012

Air testing results from GD Air Testing Inc.