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The oil and gas industry's amazing power of persuasion resulted in Representative Antonio “Moe” Maestas voting in favor of tabling House Bill 187 – “Disclose Fracturing Fluid Composition” – “in order to give the new state disclosure rule a chance to work.”

A chance to work?

Remember that rule? The rule that Governor Martinez's Oil Conservation Commission voted to put in place that requires nothing more than what companies are already required to disclose on Material Safety Data Sheets?

These requirements are supposedly in place to protect industry workers who handle toxic fracking chemicals and additives. Problem is, companies are only required  to disclose about HALF of the chemicals they actually use in fracking operations.

Big problem. Full and public disclosure is required now to protect industry workers and the people who live with oil and gas development on their land and in their communities.

Huge thanks to Representative Brian Egolf for his leadership in sponsoring this critical legislation and Representatives Gail Chasey and Bill O'Neill for their support of HB 187 in the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee yesterday.

It is incumbent up the state to require common sense standards to protect the health and safety of New Mexicans who bear the impact of energy development for our country.

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