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New Mexico is part of the Permian climate bomb. It is at the intersection of rapid oil and gas expansion and the growing risk of the climate crisis, particularly from drought.

Our work in New Mexico engages local frontline communities to promote policies that prioritize the welfare of the environment and the people who live here over extractive industries. We encourage lawmakers to support legislation stopping the expansion of new oil and gas facilities  and to hold operators accountable for the immediate harm from their pollution.

New Mexico is one of five oil and gas producing states and regions in the U.S. where our field staff conduct frequent investigations of oil and gas facilities using optical gas imaging (OGI) technology. Our OGI videos of pollution from these facilities have been used by state regulators to issue notices of violation and help to center the harms to people of oil and gas extraction.  

The findings of our investigations are used by our community partners throughout the state to organize their neighbors and push local and state decision makers for stronger laws, rules and more meaningful reforms. 

Earthworks partners with CCFF (Concerned Citizens Caring for the Future), SJCA (San Juan Citizens Alliance and Dine C.A.R.E. (Citizens Against Ruining Our Environment).