Attention Shoppers: Macy’s has special on dirty gold. Help us stop it!

November 30, 2011 • Nick Magel

Today Earthworks is cranking up the pressure on Macy’s!


Macy’s has a dirty little secret they are hiding from their customers this holiday season. Dirty gold.

TAKE ACTION: Today we launched this petition calling Macy’s CEO Terry Lundgren to sign the Golden Rules and step up for human rights, environmental protection, and fair labor, this holiday season!

We’ve been waiting for Macy’s to do the right thing and sign on to the “Golden Rules” for responsible metals sourcing for over a year now. In that time, gold mining communities have been kicked off their lands, drinking water has been polluted, and massive labor violations have taken place.

When it comes to gold, Macy’s may not be steering the mining equipment or the bulldozers, but it is in the driver's seat. Jewelry demand accounts for over 80% of annual global gold mine production, and companies that sell jewelry, such as Macy's, can play a powerful role in demanding more ethically produced gold.

By signing the Golden Rules for responsible sourcing, a number of jewelry retailers have taken an imortance stance against destructive mining. What's Macy's waiting for?

While over 80 other major jewelry retailers have stepped up to the task, Macy’s has yet to do the right thing.

Protests, resignations, and flawed EIS plague Newmont’s Conga gold mine in Peru

November 30, 2011 • Nick Magel

Opposition is stacking up higher and higher against Newmont’s $4.8 billion mega gold project in Peru. Here is a quick run down of things that are beginning to impact whether this project is longer feasible, or not.

Political -
Today the Deputy Minister of the Environment, Jose de Echave, resigned in protest. Echave said that the Humala government "lacks an adequate strategy for dealing with social conflict." He also raised concerns about the weakening on the Ministry Environment after being restructured to defer to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers

La Republica: Jose de Echave renuncio al viceministerio del ambiente
Washington Post / AP: Peru environment official resigns amid protests by peasants who fear mines will harm water

Giving thanks to those who stand up and speak out

November 26, 2011 • Nadia Steinzor

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and I'd like to give a tremendous thanks for people and events this week in the Marcellus Shale region.

The Delaware River Basin Commission postponed a vote on gas drilling regulations. Organizations, activists, and concerned citizens said loudly and clearly (through thousands of phone calls and letters) that elected officials must put the protection of natural areas, drinking water, and communities first. The celebration at a rally in Trenton ushered in the next stage of the fight to save the Delaware—and hopefully other regions—from the mad rush to drill.

New Mexico delivers big fat nothing on fracking chemical disclosure

November 18, 2011 • Gwen Lachelt

It's back to your granddaddy's oil and gas days in the Land of Enchantment. The state's oil and gas regulator is once again cozy with industry.

And when it comes to requiring the disclosure of the chemicals used in fracking, New Mexico is the laughing stock of America's oil and gas producing states.

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Tracing Water Contamination to Fracking

November 17, 2011 • Aaron Mintzes

Yesterday, I attend a hearing hosted by the House Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee on Water Resources and the Environment. The hearing allowed members of Congress and government bureaucrats to discuss concerns about the potential for water contamination from fracking and the right regulatory regime to prevent it.

The specter of contamination arises out of a concern that the high- pressure injection of a mixture of water, sand, and toxic chemicals might migrate in to underground sources of drinking water.

For this reason, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is undertaking a study of this issue due out in 2014.

Tell Kay and Jared Jewelers (owned by Signet) to say no to dirty gold from Pebble Mine

November 17, 2011 • Bonnie Gestring

The world's greatest wild salmon fishery - in Alaska's Bristol Bay - is at risk!  And, you can help.

Alaskans are asking Signet, the world's largest jewelry corporation to promise not to use gold from the proposed Pebble Mine - a massive copper gold mine that threatens the world's most valuable wild salmon fishery. Over fifty major jewelers have already promised.

The gas industry’s sleight of hand: drilling away local rights

November 15, 2011 • Nadia Steinzor

Apparently it’s not enough for the gas industry in Pennsylvania to turn a profit; receive hundreds of new permits a year; have special exemptions from U.S. environmental laws; and be fined for only a tiny fraction of violations committed. According to Marcellus Shale Coalition President Kathryn Klaber in the Philadelphia Inquirer, local zoning should also be eliminated for “posing a threat” to the industry.

But Ms. Klaber—along with Governor Corbett in a letter to legislators as they debate bills this week to gut local control in exchange for small drilling revenues—got a basic fact wrong. There is no patchwork of local regulation; the state has set, and will continue to be the entity to set, standards and rules for gas drilling.

TELL THE NEW MEXICO OIL CONSERVATION COMMISSION: You want full and PUBLIC disclosure of chemicals used in fracking!

November 12, 2011 • Gwen Lachelt

Earthworks' Oil & Gas Accountability Project ACTION ALERT


    Next week the New Mexico OCC will consider adopting a new rule requiring the oil and gas industry to disclose the fluids used in hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") operations.

    Industry has proposed a very weak rule.

    We have proposed a rule that would make New Mexico's disclosure one of the best in the nation.

    PLEASE PARTICIPATE IN THIS HEARING and urge the OCC to adopt a strong rule!