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Today Earthworks is cranking up the pressure on Macy’s!


Macy’s has a dirty little secret they are hiding from their customers this holiday season. Dirty gold.

TAKE ACTION: Today we launched this petition calling Macy’s CEO Terry Lundgren to sign the Golden Rules and step up for human rights, environmental protection, and fair labor, this holiday season!

We’ve been waiting for Macy’s to do the right thing and sign on to the “Golden Rules” for responsible metals sourcing for over a year now. In that time, gold mining communities have been kicked off their lands, drinking water has been polluted, and massive labor violations have taken place.

When it comes to gold, Macy’s may not be steering the mining equipment or the bulldozers, but it is in the driver's seat. Jewelry demand accounts for over 80% of annual global gold mine production, and companies that sell jewelry, such as Macy's, can play a powerful role in demanding more ethically produced gold.

By signing the Golden Rules for responsible sourcing, a number of jewelry retailers have taken an imortance stance against destructive mining. What's Macy's waiting for?

While over 80 other major jewelry retailers have stepped up to the task, Macy’s has yet to do the right thing.

That’s why today we are urging Macy’s to join us, to join you, and to join all the communities impacted by gold mining in demanding ethical gold mining with the “Golden Rules”.

Surprisingly, Macy’s remains one of the very last retail holdouts. Macy’s has done little to make sure that their gold jewelry doesn’t come from dirty sources that damage communities, their clean water, or their health.

Is that the kind of present you want sitting under your Christmas tree this holiday season?

Macy’s can, and must, do better.

It’s time for Macy’s to sign the “Golden Rules” and help stop irresponsible gold mining. There is no telling what is associated with the gold in Macy’s display cases, but if Macy’s continues to turn a blind eye on clean gold they turn a blind eye to the communities impacted by gold mines like Grasberg, Yanacocha, and Akyem,

Why Macy's?

Macy’s is one of only two of the top ten US jewelry retailers, along with Costco, that hasn't signed the Golden Rules for more responsible gold and precious metals sourcing. Macy's says it cares about the environment and human rights. Macy’s corporate responsibility page lays out some pretty fluffy goals, and vague language around their commitment to being a socially responsible company. It’s time for Macy’s to back up this fluff with some fact.

It’s time for Macy’s to step up with the rest of the industry leaders and sign the Golden Rules. Macy’s customers demand it, and the communities that are fighting the dirtiest of gold mines deserve it.

Join us in calling for Macy’s to join the over 80 jewelers and retailers in signing the Golden Rules! Together we can change how gold in mined, purchased, and sold to us.