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Quoting from the comments:

“Earthworks urges the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality to fix the major flaws in the Sierrita APP and re-circulate an improved draft for additional public comment. Although this process has dragged on for nearly 20 years, the time is right to take this APP permit seriously and to give Phelps Dodge a permit that will not only protect the public, but will have teeth to compel Phelps Dodge to take immediate action when needed. It is absurd that a company as large as Phelps Dodge is allowed to drag its feet for so long while as everyone now admits creating a toxic plume of sulfates that now threatens the ground water of Green Valley. In light of the time it s already taken, ADEQ might as well do the job right or not at all. In the meantime, while the final APP is hammered out, ADEQ should begin to hold Phelps Dodge to the most stringent terms of this draft Sierrita APP. In short, the time for study is over. It s time for ADEQ to force Phelps Dodge to clean up it s toxic plume. “