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  1. Make safety the guiding principle with zero tolerance for human fatalities in design, construction, operation, and closure
  2. Consent of affected communities
  3. Ban new tailings facilities where inhabited areas are in the path of a tailings dam failure
  4. Ban upstream dams at new mines, and safely close existing upstream facilities
  5. Any potential loss of life is an extreme event and design must respond accordingly
  6. Mandate the use of Best Available Technologies, in particular for filtered tailings
  7. Implement rigorous controls for safety
  8. Ensure a detailed evaluation of the dam foundation and the tailings properties
  9. Appropriate monitoring systems must be in place to identify, disclose, and mitigate risks
  10. Ensure the independence of reviewers to promote safety
  11. Towards safer closure with no credible failure modes
  12. Address financial risks, including securities for site closure and proper insurances for accidental spills
  13. Grievance procedures and whistleblower protection
  14. Emergency preparedness and response
  15. Information regarding mine safety must be made publicly available
  16. Ensure access to independent technical assistance
  17. Accountability for risk, minimizing the consequences of failure, preventing failure, and the consequences of failure must primarily rest with the board of directors

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