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Estimated tonnes of tailings and waste rock that would be dumped annually into the ocean from proposed mines.

Mine(linked to data source)LocationCompanyStage of DevelopmentTailings and Waste Rock(tonnes)Proposed dumping depths
NussirNorwayNussir ASAFully permitted, pending start of construction and project financing2 million90 meters
EngebøNorwayNordic Mining ASAISIN: NO0010317340Pending final approvals and project financing4 million300 meters
Wafi-GolpuPapua New GuineaNewcrest MiningISIN: AU000000NCM7Harmony Gold Mining Company LimitedISIN: ZAE000015228Environmental permit issued13 million200 meters
YanderaPapua New GuineaEra ResourcesISIN: AU000000ERA9 Exploration drillingTBDTBD
WoodlarkPapua New GuineaGeopacific Resources LimitedISIN:AU000000GPR2Fully permitted, seeking financing12 millionUnknown*

*Geopacific Resources Limited consolidated its ownership of the Woodlark project in June 2019 when it acquired Kula Gold. Despite multiple requests in 2015 from the Mineral Policy Institute and others, Kula Gold never released the project’s Environmental Impact Statement.

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