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Norway is ground zero in the fight to stop the expansion of the harmful practice of dumping mine waste into the ocean. Mine waste can contain up to three dozen dangerous chemicals, including arsenic, lead, mercury, and cyanide. Despite the risks to marine life and coastal communities, Norway continues to permit new projects that would use the harmful practice, making it the only country in Europe currently allowing mining companies to dump solid mine waste directly into open water bodies.

Norway’s reputation as a leader in sustainability and ocean protection means its use of submarine tailings disposal serves to greenwash the practice at home and abroad. 

Submarine tailings disposal is an outdated and dirty practice that should be phased out, not ramped up.
Earthworks Ditch Ocean Dumping campaign supports efforts to stop the construction of two mining projects that would contaminate two National Salmon Fjords with toxic mine waste by pressuring the banks and downstream companies to stop backing the companies using the practice.

We coordinate with Norwegian activists from Friends of the Earth Norway and Young Friends of the Earth, fisherfolk, and Samí indigenous people who have banded together to protect Førdefjord and Repparfjord from mine waste.