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The Earthworks Methane Misinformation Scorecard shows that oil and gas company commitments on climate have failed to translate into significant climate action. The research tracks promises to cut methane and tackle climate from 8 major oil and gas companies and compares them to actions taken by those same companies to reduce climate pollution.

This report finds that:

  • While 5 of 8 major oil and gas companies have previously publicly opposed Trump administration rollbacks to national rules cutting methane pollution, only 2 out of 8 have supported ANY strong, enforceable efforts to advance state-level policies to reduce oil and gas emissions proposed by governors to compensate for the loss of national standards (both in Colorado and both in singular instances of limited safeguards for venting and flaring).
  • Although all 8 major oil and gas companies have made publicly available corporate climate commitments, and several spend extensively on advertising a “green” image, each of the 8 major companies still pays dues to one or more lobbying groups opposing government climate action and making contributions to anti-climate politicians. 
  • Finally, none of these companies has proven that voluntary corporate commitments made over the past three years have resulted in significant reductions in climate pollution at production sites, based on Earthworks sampling from hundreds of field investigations in the oil and gas fields across the U.S.