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1872 Mining Law Fact #17

The world's largest gold producer, Newmont Mining Corporation, has a recurring foot-in-mouth problem.

Newmont's website claims “the prevention of emissions to land air and water, is an integral part” of its business. Yet Newmont admits one of its proposed gold mines would produce 10,000 years of toxic water pollution in Nevada.

Newmont's website claims “environmental responsibility extends to every operation, every mine site.” Yet Newmont is responsible for leaky tailings, spills of hundreds of thousands of gallons of poisonous cyanide solution, and polluted discharge to rivers and streams at their mines in Nevada.

Newmont's website claims “environmental responsibility is inherent in the company's values.” Yet-when whistleblower employees reported the company was misleading state regulators about pollution violations-Newmont deliberately interfered with an investigation into the matter, a new report by the Nevada state government shows. They have also failed to take action to clean-up the messes reported by their former employees.

The 1872 Mining Law contains no environmental or ethics provisions to address Newmont's repeated missteps. It's enough to leave a bad taste in your mouth.