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From the introduction:

In the fall and winter of 2010, Earthworks’ board and staff generated a new strategic plan to guide our work through the end of 2013 with the assistance of a consultant and a series of interviews with board members, staff and outside stakeholders. The discussions about what has been learned from Earthworks’ activities over the past several years led to the creation of the goals laid out in this plan. The full plan was adopted by the Board of Directors on February 9, 2011, and is summarized in this document.

Under this plan, we will be making a notable change in our program organization. During the previous several years, Earthworks had four programs: U.S. Mining Reform Campaign, International Mining/No Dirty Gold Campaign, Oil and Gas Accountability Project, and No Dirty Energy Campaign. These programs had different levels of public communication, different website presences, and handled their overlapping areas on an ad hoc basis.

Beginning in 2011, Earthworks will be reorganizing our program work into two areas — Mining and Energy. We are making this change in order to increase the efficiency of our efforts, to ensure that we are addressing the dynamics in the supply of energy sources and minerals, and to make what we do clearer to those outside the organization with whom we work and from whom we need support. Our new structure is aimed at increasing internal collaboration and clarity of purpose internally and externally.