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Rosemont Copper Mine, Arizona

Dear Team Leader:

Please consider the following scoping comments on the Rosemont Copper Mine proposal.

There are a number of reasons why scoping should not yet have begun and therefore we believe that this deadline for the close of scoping comments is improper. Nonetheless, we are submitting the following comments in a timely manner for your July 14, 2008 deadline. However, we reserve the right to augment and/or replace these comments if and when the scoping process is reinitiated in a more proper manner.

In general, the scoping process is premature and/or not properly facilitated for the following reasons:

  • The initially scheduled set of public meetings was very inadequate, and insufficient information was available to make informed comments.
  • Beginning the process before the Mine Plan of Operations was approved made sensible comments impossible.
  • The process of selecting consultant organizations was unclear.
  • The statement in the Federal Register that the purpose of the process is to grant permission to the Company to use NFS land for certain activities relating to the operation of the Rosemont Mine appeared to predetermine the outcome of the EIS process. A clear statement that the no action alternative is possible is necessary for public trust in the fairness of the process.
  • We understand that the Forest Service has committed to establishing a system of fair and balanced advisory committees including representation from affected local communities. To date we detect no movement on that commitment.

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