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From the Letter:

The undersigned organizations call on the Arizona State Office of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (“BLM”) to cancel its September public lands oil and gas lease sale with lands near Petrified Forest National Park and the Little Colorado River in northern Arizona. We also write to express opposition to the Bureau’s and the Trump administration’s plans for future oil and gas leasing on the Arizona Strip near Grand Canyon National Park and Grand Canyon Parashant-National Monument.

Federal agencies manage, for the American people, approximately 27.7 million acres, or 38.2% of the land area in Arizona. The BLM is the largest federal land manager in the state, holding 12.2 million acres of public land and 17.5 million acres of public minerals in trust. Thus, BLM’s decisions to lease public lands and minerals for oil and gas can have serious implications for much of state.

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