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Earthworks is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to protecting communities and the environment from the adverse impacts of energy development by using various technologies including but not limited to optical gas imaging (OGI) infrared cameras. This passive remote sensing technology allows for the detection of thermal differences, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and methane emissions for industry, regulators, and the Earthworks organization. Earthworks owns three handheld FLIR GF320 OGI’s that use onboard filters to visually detect constituents with an infrared absorption in the 3.2 – 3.4 micrometer range.

We document a variety of emission sources associated with chemical plants, refineries, industrial processes, and oil and natural gas-related activities and emission sources including but not limited to: fracking and drilling operations, well heads, processing towers, storage tanks, pipelines, dehydrators, loading and unloading activities, fittings/unions/connections, vents, and flares. OGI cameras are useful to Earthworks, as they provide a real-time perspective of the apparent expanse and duration of the emissions that can then be verified (or not) by industry and/or regulators. Through the years, Earthworks has documented many success stories when findings were shared and then followed up on by relevant parties including elected officials and the general public.

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