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Josh Eisenfeld, (202) 921-6985, jeisenfeld@earthworksaction.org

“The world’s largest polluters should not be able to claim they are climate friendly, yet that is exactly what they are doing.

“It is far past time for the companies behind the climate crisis to be held accountable for the harm they have done. This hearing is an important first step to stand up to polluters who profit off of the exploitation of ordinary people, especially Black, Indigenous, and people of color who suffer disproportionate impacts from extractive industries, but it cannot end here.” – Josh Eisenfeld, Earthwork’s Corporate Accountability Campaigner
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Background: Tomorrow the House Oversight and Reform Environment Subcommittee, chaired by Representative Ro Khanna (D-CA), will hold a hearing on climate disinformation to probe fossil fuel giants on the climate crisis and their complicity in creating it. Oil and gas companies and their trade associations and allies have faked research, sown doubt, lied to the public, and committed environmental violations   yet continue to claim they are helping fight climate change. In the U.S., Black, Indigenous, and people of color suffer the worst effects of the climate crisis, and around the world the Global South has and will continue to feel the most impacts.

Earthworks, Greenpeace USA, and Global Witness filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in March 2021 asking the FTC to investigate Chevron’s misleading claims about its advertised efforts to reduce its emissions. The complaint specifically addresses Chevron’s use of the term “methane intensity” that misleads consumers to believe Chevron is  reducing their methane emissions, when they are actually increasing them.