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“President Trump once again signaled his ignorance towards the science of climate crisis and his indifference towards public health. The proposed elimination of critical national safeguards against oil and gas methane pollution is reckless, and it will impact millions of families living with oil and gas air pollution in their backyards. Despite the insistence from major oil and gas companies to preserve and strengthen methane rules, the President continues to choose pollution over people.

“Earthworks has seen first-hand what an unregulated industry will do to communities and climate. Our optical gas imaging camera allows us to document the invisible oil and gas air pollution that has been spewing for decades. Without strong safeguards, the industry is exacerbating our current climate emergency.

“The Obama-era safeguards were a critical first step in averting climate catastrophe. We can not allow the current administration to discount future generations out of existence.”

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Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) of methane and other toxic air pollutants from oil and gas operations as documented by Earthworks’ Community Empowerment Project.