The Community Empowerment Project is a powerful tool that enables communities to use the best available technology to expose toxic fracking air pollution.

Thanks to generous Earthworks supporters, we were able to purchase a FLIR GasFinder 320 camera, the same kind used by industry and government agencies to detect leaks and chronic pollution. We’re putting this technology in the hands of people impacted by oil and gas development so they can use it to protect themselves — and do the job government should be doing, but isn’t.

Community Empowerment Infrared Video Map

Since late 2014, Earthworks ITC-certified staff have travelled the country exposing oil and gas air polluting using our infrared camera. We’ve investigated over 700 oil and gas sites in 15 states, Mexico and Canada. To see the otherwise invisible air pollution with your own eyes, click on the colored dots.

Why Communities Need Evidence

Oil and gas development’s air pollution can cause health problems for communities living nearby.

But the energy industry claims there is no proof, and often gets away with it because the pollution is invisible.

The Community Empowerment Project brings communities the tools they need to provide compelling proof of what they’re living with.

The FLIR GF320 camera, operated by our ITC-certified thermographers, provides infrared video evidence of air pollution from during oil and gas activities. The GF320 makes visible 20 normally invisible volatile organic compounds, including benzene (a carcinogen) and methane (a potent climate pollutant).

See the pollution for yourself using the map above or video playlist above.

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