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Leadville, CO — Today, Earthworks announced the hire of Nathalie Eddy as the Oil & Gas Field Advocate for Colorado and New Mexico. The new position is part of Earthworks’ expanded Community Empowerment Project (CEP) to reduce the air, health, and climate impacts of oil and gas production by systematically documenting the industry’s air pollution.

Nathalie is an international environmental and human rights attorney with expertise in air quality and climate change policies, indigenous land rights, and public participation in governance. A resident of Leadville, CO, Nathalie recently coordinated a community-driven initiative to connect youth to nature in Lake County. She’s held positions at the Colorado Attorney General’s office, World Resources Institute, Global Gender and Climate Alliance, and other public and private organizations.

“I’m thrilled to be working in my own backyard to fight climate and health-harming pollution from oil and gas production,” said Nathalie Eddy. She continued, “Earthworks’ Community Empowerment Project is critical to protecting the land, water, and air we all depend on, and of which Coloradans and New Mexicans are so proud.”

CEP works nationwide to reveal normally invisible volatile organic compounds, like methane and benzene, with optical gas imaging (infrared) cameras. Using this information, they partner with affected community members to file complaints with regulators. CEP also presses state governments to strengthen requirements for operators to cut methane and associated hazardous air pollution.

“When it comes to oil and gas pollution there are leaders and laggards. Colorado’s methane pollution rule is one of the most effective in the country, while New Mexicans are almost completely unprotected,” said Bruce Baizel, Earthworks’ Energy Program Director. “Nathalie will lead our team in ensuring proper enforcement in Colorado and securing measures to end the waste of natural gas and lost tax revenue in New Mexico.”

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