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Miguel Escoto

Growing up in the border community of El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, Miguel has been witness to how the climate crisis drives climate migration and the oppression of vulnerable communities. He brought this perspective to his former position as West Texas Field Associate—helping bring an end to the Permian Basin’s climate methane bomb.

Miguel’s experience with community organizing comes from his work with Sunrise Movement El Paso, a youth-led environmentalist organization dedicated to transitioning the border region to clean energy while addressing systemic issues of injustice. He worked as a legal assistant to environmental attorney David Baake and his work for the Sierra Club. There, he learned about Permian fracking industry regulation and opposition from a New Mexico perspective.

After graduating from St. Edward’s University with a Political Science and Writing degree, Miguel lived in El Paso, TX. He is a vegan, musician, poet, and US foreign policy nerd.

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