No more mining disasters

November 5, 2016 • Payal Sampat

One year ago, on November 5, 2015, a mining waste dam failed at the Samarco iron mine in rural Brazil, unleashing an enormous torrent of chemical-laden sludge into the Rio Doce. At least 19 people died and some 700 people were left homeless. Aquatic ecosystems were wiped out by the plume of pollution that reached the Atlantic Ocean. What remains is a polluted river that locals will have to contend with for decades to come.

Sirens for Mariana, Brazil

May 6, 2016 • Fabiana Alves

Greenpeace has joined the #UmMinutoDeSirene collective to mark the six months passed since the tragedy that killed 19 people, an entire river, and also left a trail of destruction from the state of Minas Gerais to the beaches of Espírito Santo in Brazil.

Are we going to sit back and wait for the next mine waste disaster?

December 22, 2015 • Jennifer Krill

“If the dam had collapsed at night, everyone would have died”.

These chilling words came from Duarte Junior, a mayor of a city downstream from Samarco mine waste dam that failed last month in Minas Gerais, a state in southwestern Brazil.

Letter to ICMM re: tailings dam review

December 17, 2015 • Earthworks et. al.

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At BHP Billiton shareholder meeting, protesters demand justice for Brazilian mining disaster victims

November 19, 2015 • Earthworks, Greenpeace Brazil, Greenpeace Australia

Perth, Australia, Nov 19 – Greenpeace protesters today disrupted BHP Billiton’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) to demand justice for the thousands of victims of the mining waste spill that destroyed the historic Brazilian town of Mariana in Minas Gerais state. The Germano iron mine, whose tailings (waste) dam failed on November 5th, is operated by Samarco - a joint venture co-owned by Australia-based BHP Billiton, the world’s largest mining company, and Brazil-based Vale S.A, one of the world’s five largest mining companies.

Frequently Asked Questions about BHP Billiton – Vale S.A. mining waste spill

November 19, 2015 • Earthworks and Greenpeace

Frequently Asked Questions about BHP Billiton – Vale S.A. mining waste spill at the Germano iron mine in Brazil

Brazil Mine Spill: Enough is Enough

November 10, 2015 • Shreema Mehta

Yet another mine failure has caused yet another spill — this time with fatalities.

Fatal Brazilian mine waste disaster shows modern mining is increasingly dangerous

November 6, 2015 • Earthworks and Center for Science in Public Participation

Washington, D.C. -- A mine waste dam at the Germano open-pit iron ore mine in Brazil’s state of Minas Gerais breached yesterday, flooding the downstream area with mining waste and causing fatalities. The Germano facility is co-owned by two of the world’s largest mining companies, Brazilian Vale SA and Anglo-Australian BHP Billiton.