Families on the front lines of mining, drilling, and fracking need your help. Support them now!

So, this is how it started for me. I was sitting there, minding my own business, in Gwen's living room in Durango listening to new friends and colleagues discuss the rash-like spread of irresponsible gas development across the country. Someone said, “We should hold a Day of Action in Washington, D.C.!”

The Day of Action at the Capitol July 28th to Stop the Frack Attack is not really an idea born out of Gwen's living room in Colorado. It occurred to countless folks who see, hear, and smell the gas wells 500 feet from school playgrounds.  The idea came from farmers and ranchers concerned about their livestock sipping from small streams of runoff contaminated by flowback fluids.  Property owners, induced by carnival barkers turned landmen, promising royalty riches beyond imagination, share this idea. Residents, fed up with drinking from water buffaloes, angered by exploding water faucets, and frightened by sudden seismic tremors share it too. This idea came from Pavillion, WY, Dimock, PA, and DISH, TX-where citizens have no recourse from the foxes guarding their state's regulatory hen house.

Who's going to fix this? Chesapeake Energy? The Texas Railroad Commission? It's up to us. Come join us in DC July 28th and share with us your story.