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As I blogged earlier, Richard Bass, owner of the world-famous Snowbird ski resort, is bankrolling a coal strip mine proposal in the watershed of Alaska’s Chuitna River. It would be Alaska’s biggest coal mine. The mine could destroy, beyond hope of recovery, one of Alaska’s most productive salmon fisheries, damage the watershed, and threaten the livelihoods of local fishermen.

Perhaps most frustrating is the hypocrisy being perpetrated by Bass, who relies on cold winters and snowfall to make his money. Building this mine, aside from threatening local wildlife and communities, would result in the release of nearly 27 million pounds of carbon dioxide PER YEAR.

TAKE A STAND. Urge Mr. Bass to withdraw from the Chuitna coal mine proposal.

Because of Bass’s coal mine proposal, American Rivers
put the Chuitna River on its 10 most endangered rivers list.

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Post by Morey Burnham