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Range Resources lives in an alternate universe where saying something makes it true no matter the facts. Range wrote a letter where they claim the EPA met with them and agreed that they were not responsible for the garden hose turned flamethrower in Parker County. Okay, I ll play: if saying something makes it true, then I m a ballerina.

The EPA was clear when they gave Texans an early Christmas present by issuing an emergency order to protect families in southern Parker County, Texas, west of Fort Worth in the Barnett Shale gas field. The EPA would not take this action lightly, especially in Texas. Their investigation was thorough and included isotopic fingerprinting and a detailed timeline where the finger points directly at Range Resources.

After four months of investigating, the Texas Railroad Commission couldn t say how the gas got in the well water. It took the EPA two months of investigating to determine Range was responsible. But Gene Powell an industry apologist who writes the Powell Barnett Newsletter that even industry calls pro-industry did a quickie investigation and figured it all out in just five days!

Powell’s investigation relies completely on a timeline. The most interesting thing about the investigation is that his conclusion confirms that hydraulic fracturing is having profound impacts on our water and allowing gas to seep into water wells.

In the real world where facts matter, it’s hard to believe the media would take an unsubstantiated letter from Range Resources and proclaim it as fact. This industry is known for its ability to spin like a top. Unfortunately, the media has joined Range in its alternate universe.                 

Until we see something in writing from the EPA absolving Range Resources of all responsibility in contaminating the Parker County water wells, I would strongly advise Range to follow all the requirements of the emergency order or risk some substantial fines. I don t think the EPA is playing around and I m pretty sure I m not a ballerina.