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As you know by now, the Big Gas Mafia held a much ballyhooed media/PR conference to get their fracking story straight to combat all the bad press and their failure to convince the American public that they can frack safely. I paid to attend that conference and wore my name badge the entire time.

Transparency was a big theme–hiding/spinning wrongdoings just escalates the public distrust. Yet here they are with the media equivalent of a spill — admissions that they’re using and encourage use of military tactics against American citizens. Yet, rather than owning it and admitting wrongdoing and addressing the problem they are instead trying to divert and obfuscate.

Alleged to be from the CIA:

  • Admit nothing
  • Deny everything
  • Make counter allegations

Is it my birthday or Christmas or what? Range Resources has now changed their official statement TWICE about the taped presentation where Matt Pitzarella, Director of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs for Range Resources admits they use PSYOPS with great success against Americans.

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