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Today people are occupying Macy's Facebook page to tell them it's time to sign on to the “Golden Rules”!

Do you think Macy's customers want their gold jewelry:
mined by children's hands,
poisoning communities' drinking water,
or violating human rights?

We think they don't.
But dirty gold does all these things. That's why we created the Golden Rules of Responsible Metals Sourcing: to enlist jewelry retailers – who account for more than 80% of the world's gold mine production – to pressure the mining industry to eliminate dirty gold.

Unfortunately, Macy's – unlike eight of the other top 10 gold retailers in the U.S. – has refused to commit to the Golden Rules. That's why over ten thousand people emailed Macy's last week demanding they help clean up dirty gold. Now the message is spreading to Facebook. People are flooding Macy's Facebook page to tell them to sign on to the Golden Rules. We want to keep the pressure on!

Today we need you to go to Macy's Facebook page, “like” them, and leave a message on their wall like one of these:

• “Macy's, show me you care about human rights, ending child labor, and protecting the environment. Sign the Golden Rules!”
• “Macy's, I urge you to say no to human rights abuses and environmental destruction by signing on to the No Dirty Gold Campaign's Golden Rules.”
• “Macy's, this Holiday season show your customers you care if the gold you sell comes with human rights abuses and environmental destruction. Sign on to Earthworks Golden Rules!”

Why isn't Macy's opposing dirty gold?

We don't know. We assume it isn't because they don't care about children working in mines or cyanide spills poisoning communities' drinking water. Maybe it is because they think their customers don't care.

That's obviously not true.

Let's keep up the pressure and show Macy's that its (potential) customers demand they take a stand against dirty gold! Post your comment on Facebook now!