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As I sat and watched the Oscars last night, I was disappointed that Gasland didn’t win best documentary.

My disappointment turned to outrage when I read that the Wall Street Journal may have removed an oil and gas executive quote from their most recent story on the Gasland Oscar controversy.

According to Josh Fox (Gasland’s director) and some of his other friends out in the proverbial gaslands, the WSJ removed this quote from their story:

“We have to stop blaming documentaries and take a look in the mirror,”said Matt Pitzarella, a spokesman for gas producer Range Resources Corp.”

(A screen capture of the original story with that quote included can be found here.)

Why would the Wall Street Journal remove this quote?

It’s high time for the oil and gas industry to stand up do exactly what Mr. Pitzarella wants them to do — look in the mirror. Air, water in land across the country is being polluted by an under-regulated industry. It’s time for all energy producers to embrace much-needed regulations for their industry, becoming part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

It’s too bad the Wall Street Journal chooses to censor itself instead of bringing that message to the masses.