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Today, Politico and Propublica jointly published a story questioning the drilling industry’s claims that Congressional efforts to close a loophole in the Safe Drinking Water Act would be too costly. In fact, the story reveals, industry’s own studies refute their claims. Hydraulic fracturing is a drilling technique that is opening up previously unprofitable natural gas deposits. Also known as “fracking” this technique is also largely unregulated thanks to a special exemption in the Safe Drinking Water Act the Bush administration championed in 2005. Representative Degette of Colorado is championing legislation to close this loophole, but industry claims that regulation isn’t necessary — citing a handful of studies. Today, Politico and Propublica have jointly published a damning story debunking industry’s claims. In fact, upon careful review, it’s clear that industry’s own reports refute their claims re the cost of Degette’s bill. Propublica has done groundbreaking work in a series of stories examining fracking and its impacts.