Families on the front lines of mining, drilling, and fracking need your help. Support them now!

Earthworks’ work on mineral and energy development issues has always been rooted in protecting communities from harm. It is with our mission as our guide that we acknowledge the anxiety of these uncertain times and understand with sympathy the immediate impacts of this COVID-19 crisis on our staff, their families, our supporters, and the communities that we support. 

In response to this rapidly evolving situation, Earthworks has closed our offices, suspended work travel, and instructed staff to avoid exposure and social contact by working virtually. While we are well-practiced at supporting remote-work as an organization with staff across the US, including near impacted communities we fight to protect, there will undoubtedly be disruptions. 

However, we remain steadfast in our resolve to continue our work.

The COVID-19 outbreak and its impact have made it abundantly clear that to overcome a collective threat we must all come together to adapt, to sacrifice, to act, to change our personal behavior and to demand that our government and private business prioritize the best interest of the many over profits and politics.  This idea is at the core of protecting health, human rights, and climate from harmful extraction and polluting industries.  

Now is a moment in time to practice the radical change necessary to transform our systems for the better to prevent further strife today, tomorrow and well into the future.  

Now is also the time to remain vigilant.  While the attention of many may remain fixed to COVID-19 and its effects on their lives, Earthworks will continue to stand guard to hold companies accountable, advocate to reform government policies, and expose the health, environmental, economic, social and cultural impacts of mining and energy extraction through work informed by sound science.

We also recognize that this crisis has quickly become a life-altering experience for many. With it, we face major changes to our daily lives, and many of us may find this adjustment hard to make. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be providing you with opportunities to stay connected to our work and build community with our staff and other members of Earthworks. You may have questions or suggestions for us as we adapt our campaigns, and we welcome you to share those with us. As a member of the Earthworks community, we thank you for your enduring support and hope we can support you as we navigate this difficult time together.