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Costco has tried to avoid any controversy when it comes to their gold products, but their customers won't let them. They refused to answer the over 1000 customer posts on their Facebook page. Then, when customers called the company directly, Costco failed to return a single call. Costco executives turned off their phones and sent customers directly to voicemails.

Costco is making two things clear: they do not feel accountable to their customers (many who make up the over 25,000 calling on Costco), and they are not moved by the thought of human rights abuses, environmental destruction, and unfair labor being associated with the gold they sell to you at their stores.

Now customers are starting to send their messages in a brand new way, via video messages directly to the CEO of the U.S.'s 8th largest gold retailer. This first video comes from Frank in Colorado, who calls for Costco to step up and sign on to the “Golden Rules” and show their commitment to purchasing clean gold that their customers can trust.

Want to make your own video? Its easy, all you need is a smartphone or a computer with a camera on it. Just take a quick 30 sec to tell Costco that you want them to sign on to the “Golden Rules”. Make sure to mention your name, where you live, and whether you shop at a Costco.

Let Costco know why you want them to sign the No Dirty Gold Campaign's “Golden Rules” to commit to supporting clean gold and moving the retail industry in the right direction. Check back for more videos as folks send them in. We’ll be posting them on this blog and on our youtube channel.