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Over the weekend, I blogged on efforts in the Pennsylvania Senate to make a devil's bargain through a bill that would establish an impact fee on gas drillers–but greatly restrict the rights of municipalities to take measures (like zoning) to protect communities from the damage caused by drilling. Thanks to widespread push-back, including from the PA Campaign for Clean Water, the Senate has postponed the vote.

But today, the House declared its own willingness to sell the souls of Pennsylvania's communties for some quick revenue–introducing a bill that would strip local governments of any say over any aspect of drilling. Apparently House leaders are far more willing to take orders directly from Governor Corbett, who is so committed to doing away with any “restrictions” on gas development–say, protection of health, air and water quality, and communities–that he's even ignoring some recommendations from his own Advisory Commission.

The gas companies that filled candidates' pockets in the last state election must be laughing all the way to the bank

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