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Costco's public face on Facebook is taking a beating this week. Customers are fed up with Costco's inability to sign on to the No Dirty Gold Campaign’s Golden Rules .

Why isn't Costco supporting clean gold? We don't know.  We assume it isn't because they don't care about children working in mines or cyanide spills poisoning communities' drinking water.  Maybe it is because they think their customers don't care. Well they are showing them this week that that is the furthest from the truth.

Tuesday Change.org sent out a call to Costco customers to go to Costco’s Facebook page and write their thoughts about Costco not supporting clean gold. Then today we are seeing a second way of customers flood their page with demands for Costco’s to sign on to the Golden Rules .

Costco has yet to address the growing public calls for them to sign on. Additionally, they have yet to address any of their customers concerns about the conditions the gold in their stores may be mined from. Costco has been silent this week.  Costco's customers deserve to know whether the gold they're buying was mined by a child's hands, came at the cost of human rights, or harmed the environment.

It’s time for Costco to join the other eight of the top 10 gold retailers in the U.S. that have taken steps towards sourcing clean gold by committing to the Golden Rules.  You can join other Costco customers today by going to Costco's Facebook page, “like” them, then leave a message on why you want them to sign the Golden Rules !

We know Costco can to do the right thing. Let's let them know we'll have their back when they do!