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Class rings company Commemorative Brands has joined 14 other major jewelers in supporting protection of Bristol Bay from mining threats.  That’s right, another important voice against the Pebble mine!

The Pebble copper/gold mine planned by Anglo American and Northern Dynasty would ruin Bristol Bay.  The native and fishing communties around the Bay know it and have said “No!” to the mine.  People from all around North America and the UK know it and have said no to the mine.  And the potential gold-buyers, jewelers such as Tiffany & Co. — and now Commemorative Brands — also know it and are saying no to the mine.

The list of retailers taking the Bristol Bay Protection Pledge continues to grow.  More and more jewelers are realizing that the Pebble mine, which would de-water and contaminate salmon streams and threaten the Bristol Bay Fishery Reserve, would violate the Golden Rules for responsible sourcing of precious metals and is a destructive, irresponsible project.


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