EPA Takes First Step Towards Protecting Alaska’s Bristol Bay

February 28, 2014 • Bonnie Gestring

It’s a great day! Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced it is using its authority under the Clean Water Act to consider options for protecting the world’s largest wild salmon fishery in Alaska’s Bristol Bay from the proposed Pebble Mine.

The EPA is initiating a review process under Section 404(c) of the Clean Water Act, which authorizes the agency to restrict or prohibit mine waste disposal in the rivers, streams or wetlands that feed Bristol Bay to safeguard the salmon fishery. During the review, the EPA will rely heavily on its peer-reviewed scientific assessment of the impacts of large-scale mining in the Bristol Bay watershed, which was released in January 2014.

Fracking moratoria introducida en California

February 22, 2014 • Jennifer Krill

El 20 de febrero, los senadores Holly Mitchell (D - Los Ángeles) y Mark Leno (D - San Francisco), introdujeron la Legislación de Senado (SB) 1132 a la Legislatura de California, la cual pide una moratoria al fracturamiento hidráulico y otros tipos de estimulación no convencional (como la acidificación).

Fracking Moratorium Bill Introduced in California

February 21, 2014 • Jennifer Krill

Yesterday, Senators Holly Mitchell (D-Los Angeles) and Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) introduced Senate Bill (SB) 1132 to the California Legislature, which calls for a moratorium on fracking and other types of unconventional well stimulation (like acidizing).

Current law (SB4) requires an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) but there are at least two problems with it:

  • Fracking and acidizing is allowed to continue while regulators conduct the EIR – essentially treating Californians’ water and health as fracking guinea pigs
  • The current EIR doesn’t assess the full range of impacts of fracking/acidizing.

Nothing neutral about it

February 19, 2014 • Jennifer Krill

News broke this week that the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (DNR) – the state agency responsible for regulating fracking and the expansion of the oil and gas industry -- spent taxpayer money to commission a secret promotional communications plan for that selfsame industry.  Made public thanks to a Sierra Club open records request, the plan was prepared to pave the way for the Kasich administration to permit fracking for oil and gas in state forest and state park lands.

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Climate Leaders Don’t Frack!

February 13, 2014 • Jhon Arbelaez

On March 15th, thousands of Californians will come together in Sacramento, and make it clear to Governor Brown and legislators that we don’t want expanded drilling and fracking in our state.

Along with the signing of SB4, and the proposed regulations on fracking and well stimulation by DOGGR, California is preparing to massively expand drilling, and along with it, increase our dependence on fossil fuels, and exacerbate climate change. In partnership with dozens of organizations in the state, and thousands of California residents, we will be showing the Governor and his administration that “Climate Leader’s Don’t Frack!” Let’s show up in force and make a difference in the Golden State!

EPA Issues Guidance on Fracking with Diesel: An Oversight Step in the Right Direction

February 13, 2014 • Aaron Mintzes

Tuesday, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) delivered their final Guidance to their regional offices for regulating hydraulic fracturing with diesel fuel. Our story dates back to 2005 when then Vice President Dick Cheney gathered his former employer Halliburton and a number of other energy companies behind closed doors to hammer out what would become the Energy Policy Act of 2005.

This Valentine’s Day, Say NO to Dirty Gold

February 12, 2014 • Alan Septoff

Valentine’s Day is almost here. Whatever your stance on consumerism or manufactured holidays, it’s one of the biggest gift giving days of the year.  Millions of people in the United States and around the world will be expressing their love with gifts.

According to National Jeweler, 20 percent of these gift-givers will be giving jewelry, and they’ll spend $4 billion doing so. Unfortunately, much of this Valentine’s Day jewelry is tarnished with dirty gold that's tarnished by human rights abuses and pollution.

Public Meeting: Fracking Risks to Drinking Water for Fairfax County & DC Metro Area

February 12, 2014 • Dusty Horwitt

Learn about the proposal to frack in the George Washington National Forest, the source of drinking water for Fairfax and the rest of the DC metropolitan area, from Dusty Horwitt of Earthworks. Dusty has used his experience in journalism, law, and politics to conduct investigative research and advocacy on metal mining, oil and natural gas drilling, and hydraulic fracturing. His work has helped protect the Grand Canyon and Colorado River from uranium mining and the state of New York from unsafe shale gas drilling.