Norwegian Asset Manager Divests from Operator of Controversial Ramu Mine

May 12, 2020
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Arizona Mining Reform Coalition

The Arizona Mining Coalition is comprised of Arizona groups and individuals that work to ensure that responsible mining contributes to healthy communities, a healthy environment, and, when all costs are factored in, is a net benefit to Arizona.  The Arizona Mining Coalition expects the mining industry to clean up after itself, comply full and in the spirit of safeguards in place to protect Arizona, and to interact in a transparent and open manner with Arizona citizens.

ARO Working Group

ARO Working Group is a multi-disciplinary network of professionals focused on extreme financial risk currently wound up in the Asset Retirement Obligations of oil and gas companies.

Beyond Extreme Energy

People taking action to retire fossil fuels.

Campaign to End Sacrifice Zones

Campaign to End Sacrifice Zones works at the intersection of the arts, environment, and community transformation toward eliminating energy Sacrifice Zones by collaborating on issues of climate, water, and renewable energy.

Coalition for Oklahoma’s Renewable Energy

Coalition for Oklahoma’s Renewable Energy seeks to facilitate a just transition in the state from fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy by 2050 by providing free educational opportunities, engaging in community outreach projects and programs, and facilitating civic engagement and political action campaigns.

Ethical Metalsmiths

Ethical Metalsmiths is investigating the potential of what might be called the existing collectivity of informed jewelers to become good craftsmen of the environment. Our purpose is to channel information about mining issues and encourage jewelers to become informed advocates for social and environmental responsibility.

Resilient Communities Network

RCN is a Colorado non-profit organization that is helping communities accelerate the necessary shift to renewable energy while building resilient and sustainable systems to rely on during the transition. Organizations that promote resilience against climate chaos are emerging locally, across the country and around the world.

Shalefield Organizing Committee

The Shalefield Organizing Committee is a group of concerned residents from across eastern Pennsylvania who work to protect human and ecological rights for those living in the shalefields. All too often, the impacts of shale gas development on rural families are invisible to the residents of Pennsylvania’s cities and suburbs. By connecting urban and rural communities, we are growing a grassroots movement that places direct demands upon those who hold power, and wins justice for shalefield residents.


ShaleTest is a non-profit organization that collects environmental data and provides testing to lower income families and communities that are negatively impacted by shale oil and gas extraction. ShaleTest is the only organization that provides free and certified environmental testing to those negatively impacted by natural gas development.

Stop the Frack Attack

Stop the Frack Attack is a social movement hub and network for individuals and organizations nationwide to collaborate, coordinate, share resources, create tools, take action, build skills, engage new allies, and aggregate our collective grassroots power around strategic initiatives and campaigns that can protect communities from the impacts of fracking and spur the transition to a clean, renewable energy future.


Norwegian Asset Manager Divests from Operator of Controversial Ramu Mine

May 12, 2020
Latest News