The mining industry and its friends in Congress want to silence public and environmental concerns about the nations #1 toxic polluter. The Senate can stop this, but we need your help.

This is urgent: if the mining industry succeeds, one of our bedrock environmental laws, the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), will be gutted.

The problem: the Senate is considering adding unrelated bills that couldn’t pass into law on their own as amendments to a bill that must pass — the Defense funding bill, known as the National Defense Authorization Act.

These amendments aren’t about defense: there’s already a law that requires stockpiling strategic minerals.

They aren’t about critical minerals either: one would declare ‘critical’ the mining of nearly everything — from sand and gravel to gold and silver for jewelry — while the other is so broad it finds it necessary to clarify that “snow, water, & ice” are not ‘critical’. Any mineral declared ‘critical’ would become largely exempt from public and environmental review required by NEPA.

The only thing “strategic & critical” about these special favors to the mining industry is silencing mining impacted communities, and threatening public land and water to benefit mining company executives and shareholders.

Take Action: Call your Senator and ask them to oppose these amendments.

When you are connected, please give them your name and zip code. Then tell them:

I want my Senator to oppose the Heller amendment (#2398) and the Murkowski amendment (#2573) as riders to the National Defense Authorization Act. These amendments have nothing to do with national security and everything to do with the mining industry’s desire to prevent public input into important decisions about how and where they mine on public lands. Please tell my Senator that opposing this rider will protect rural communities and our public lands.