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    The mining industry and its friends in Congress want to silence public and environmental concerns about the nations #1 toxic polluter. We need your help to stop this.

    This is urgent: if the mining industry succeeds, one of our bedrock environmental laws, the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), will be gutted.

    The problem: Congress wants to use the National Defense Authorization Act, which is designed to fund our military, to sneak through new provisions to silence the public’s concerns about irresponsible mining of our public lands.

    This amendment isn’t about defense. 

    The so-called “critical minerals” amendment allows mining corporations to bypass environmental review and silence community voices. It’s the wrong way to regulate mining in our country and the wrong way to pass mining legislation.

    Mining for hardrock minerals like copper, gold, and uranium already gets special treatment.

    Thanks to the 1872 Mining Law, mining is prioritized ahead of all other public land uses regardless of the value of our lands for our uses – drinking water, hunting and fishing, wildlife habitat, agriculture, or recreation.

    Take Action: Call your Senator and ask them to oppose the critical minerals amendment in the National Defense Authorization Act.

    When you are connected, please give them your name and zip code. Then tell them:

    As a conferee for the National Defense Authorization Act, I respectfully urge you to remove the Amodei amendment (H.Amdt. 647 now appears as Division E—National Strategic and Critical Minerals Production in H.R. 5515). This amendment has nothing to do with national security and everything to do with the mining industry’s desire to prevent public input into important decisions about how and where they mine on public lands. Please tell my Senator that opposing this rider will protect rural communities and our public lands.

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