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High profile, illegal dumping of filter socks is threatening the health and safety of  North Dakota and neighboring states.  In early March, the Department of Health undertook a rulemaking to raise the limits on radioactive waste allowed in its landfills. While the proposed rule accommodates Industry and slows radioactive  waste from flowing  into Montana, Idaho and Colorado, it also creates more threats to North Dakota residents.  Moreover, it calls into question whether North Dakota fully understands or can handle the waste streams it’s generating. What is certain is no-one inside or outside the state wants the waste. Earthworks comments on the rule calls on North Dakota to address the big picture when it comes to TENORM waste.

North Dakota should:

  • Evaluate and include drill cuttings  in the TENORM rule.
  • Evaluate and include drill stems,  drill bits,  pipe, and down hole equipment in the TENORM rule.    
  • Evaluate TENORM waste as it ages and keep it isolated.
  • Protect workers from TENORM waste.
  • Stop exposing the public to unknown amounts of decaying TENORM  by prohibiting all pits.

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