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Re: Motion by Councilmembers Koretz, Bonin, et al, relative to changing the zoning code to prohibit activity associated with hydraulic fracturing, acidizing, and gravel packing in the City of Los Angeles — Support

Dear Mr. Feuer:

Earthworks fully supports efforts to impose a moratorium on oil and gas well stimulation, until a full scientific study is complete. A transparent and thorough review will assist in establishing findings about whether these techniques will harm the public health, environment, and economic sustainability of Los Angeles.

Fracking, acidizing and other harmful well stimulation techniques involve injecting chemicals, acids, water, and other materials into the ground to facilitate oil and gas production. These extreme extraction techniques, and their associated activities, have been linked to groundwater and surface water contamination, air pollution, increased greenhouse gas emissions, loss of open space, and increased seismic activity around the country. These techniques rely on high volumes of water, which is then polluted to an extent that makes it permanently toxic and not re-­‐usable. Using large amounts of water for well stimulation during a drought is not responsible.

In California, the oil and gas industry’s use of well stimulation has been increasing, and is expected to accelerate. Given these techniques’ long-­‐term consequences and known harmful impacts, it is entirely appropriate for Los Angeles to impose a moratorium on fracking, acidizing and all well stimulation. We wish to ensure the updated zoning code follows the intentions of the motion passed by the City Council, and establishes a reasonably cautious approach that will help ensure that the City’s important assets, including a healthy workforce, clean water, growing clean energy sectors, greenhouse gas reduction, and a resilient economy.

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