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For immediate release:  September 08, 2004


Washington, D.C. – Earthworks will be presented with the Award of Achievement by the Natural Resources Council of America for the best environmental media campaign of the year for its “No Dirty Gold” campaign. The awards ceremony will be held at the Renaissance Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C. tonight.  Other award winners include Ted Turner who will be presented with the Award of Honor for his lifetime contributions to conservation, and John Turner, a member of both Bush Administrations, who will receive the Award for Public Service.

The No Dirty Gold campaign is an effort to shake up the mining industry and change the way gold is mined, bought, and sold.  The campaign seeks to educate consumers about the harmful impacts of gold mining-which is considered to be the world's dirtiest industry-and to mobilize consumer support for more responsible  mining practices.

For over 20 years, the Natural Resources Council of America (NRCA) has held an annual event bringing together conservationists from nonprofit organizations, the private sector, the Administration and Congress to celebrate the best in environmental initiatives and leadership. Earthworks is taking home the top award in PR for the splashy launch of its No Dirty Gold campaign, as well as the effective way it was tied to Earthworks' (formerly Mineral Policy Center) name change and new logo.  Earthworks leads the No Dirty Gold campaign along with Oxfam America.

The campaign kicked off on Valentine's Day, with activists handing out Valentine's Day cards, reading “Don't tarnish your love with dirty gold,” in front of major jewelry and watch stores, including Cartier and Piaget on 5th Avenue in midtown New York City.  Campaign allies in Kyrgyzstan, Ghana, and the Western Shoshone Nation in Nevada also participated in the campaign launch. These actions drew the attention not only of consumers, but also of jewelry and electronics retail firms as well as the mining industry.

On Mother's Day, another major jewelry buying holiday, the campaign asked supporters to take action to honor the work of women activists in mining-affected communities in Argentina, Peru, Ghana, Romania, the United States, and elsewhere.  Close to 8,000 campaign supporters from around the world have already signed the online pledge at www.nodirtygold.org calling on jewelry retailers and the mining industry to provide gold that is not produced at the expense of workers, communities, and the environment. 

Resource Media, a nonprofit environmental communications organization, developed press materials and conducted media outreach with Earthworks and Oxfam America for the launch of the No Dirty Gold campaign and subsequent media outreach.  Earthworks would like to recognize its campaign partner Oxfam America, media work by the Resource Media team, and design and creative contributions by Design Action, Freerange Graphics, Dave Loew, Dan Bryant, Chuck Pettis and John Russonello. Earthworks would also like to recognize the invaluable support of its many campaign partners and allies around the world.

The Natural Resources Council of America, which represents more than 85 national and regional organizations dedicated to the sustainable management of the world's natural resources, is dedicated to strengthening the conservation movement across the nation.

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