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Background: The World Energy Outlook (WEO) report released today by the International Energy Agency (IEA) warns that continued investment in fossil fuel projects and permitting expansion, particularly of methane gas production and export, will prevent the world from limiting climate warming to 1.5C. New and expanded liquified methane gas (LNG) export facilities recently approved and under construction along the U.S. Gulf Coast are set to increase capacity for export 150% by 2030, while Net Zero by 2050 scenarios require a 30% decrease by 2030. Notably, the United States and Qatar would account for most of the capacity increase. 

Statement from Earthworks Research and Policy Manager Dakota Raynes:

“The world is dangerously off-track in its effort to protect the health and well-being of frontline communities and avoid climate catastrophe. The oil and gas industry, investors, and governments are ignoring the reality of climate science and economic projections, making decisions that will lock in fossil fuel use for decades to come.

“President Biden’s efforts so far on climate and environmental justice are too little too late given that his administration continues to permit methane gas exports and associated infrastructure development, promote dirty hydrogen, and take other actions that extend the life of polluting fossil fuels. Any actions that facilitate continued investment in fossil fuels are dangerous distractions that shift us away from a livable, just, and equitable future.

“President Biden has the power to reduce methane gas pollution and begin the phase out of fossil fuels in line with climate science and community demands for justice. He must act now to stop permitting fossil fuel expansion and declare a climate emergency.”